InstaGreen has successfull operations all over the American CONTINENT, and we are now open for business in the U.S.! and we want you to grow with us!


We are the hottest emerging Franchise in the US!


Established in 2013, we are pioneers in our field all over America. Multi-country experience


Our products, brands and services are top quality, best of the best.


You get factory direct importer prices...


Virtual continuos training, classroom training, on-the-job training, we got you covered


Top of that,50% of Your initial investment is Inventory!


Right now you can get the best possible territories near you!Big Sizes Territories to have room for Growth


Our medular guidence it's innovation


We are techy, we always looking for best ways to apply automatizations and technology to make your operation easier and our customer experience mind blowing!

Own your future with the #1 brand in innovative finishes for the home improvement industry in America. We have you covered with our first-class support and training and a proven successful system, products and services that everybody love!

Let´s create and transform space! and in the meantime

your life as well!

Creat and Transform

Your Space




Artificial Vertical Gardens

It is an artificial vertical garden product composed of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), both the sheets and the grid or mesh where they are placed, this material by itself is extremely resistant, for that reason, within its main applications are the automotive and agricultural industries, who by their nature are exposed to inclement weather and this type of polymer meets the highest demands.
The material is not ordinary PVC or plastic, like common plastic plants in stores at very low prices, which do not have the resistance and durability of Instagreen.


Artificial Grass

With our artificial turf we keep consistent with our vision to provide innovative and high quality products easy to maintain and install, that means that we have several products specially designed to cover all your market needs including the top of the line PRT technology Artificial Grass Backing, which comes with some very special characteristics: much lighter and smoother artificial grass, with lower cost of transportation, easy manipulation, and installation, 100% recyclable, 5 times more permeable to water. Excellent weed barrier. Easy maintenance. Lower installation cost. Effective weed control among others will differentiate you apart from the regular options in the market.


Business Model

Unique in this industry

Through the implementation of an efficient, flexible, and growth-oriented franchising model, Instagreen is poised to be a trendsetter in the U.S. market, introducing to the American consumer artificial-foliage and turf, architectural coatings for spaces in homes and commercial buildings, model that has not yet been replicated in a planned approach in this vast manner.

The goal is to provide customers with exceptional versatile and practical architectural, artificial vertical gardens and grass, solutions to create ambiance in both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing privacy, smoothness, movement, and life to walls from a very versatile catalog as well as excellent customer service, including free consultation, architectural rendering for the client's needs and final installation in the client's home or building.


Specialized and Variety Products

The incredible variety of different items allows the clients the ultimate choice from a very comprehensive catalog and solutions. This diversity accommodates customers, ranging from household owners to building contractors, architects, engineers for commercial projects like hotels, office buildings, parking buildings, shopping malls, etc.


Free Visit Consultations

The two mainstays of Instagreen's competitive advantage are its exceptional customer service and the staff's wide-ranging product knowledge. Each sales associate is highly trained in all aspects of using these various product lines. After the on-site free consultation with a sales associate, the Instagreen's designer team produces an architectural render based on the photos of the client's wall with the proposed solution, this allows the client to visualize and confirm the project.


InstaGreen Experts

A highly trained installer personnel carry out the work on-site for the customer following the company's standards.

With our purchasing co-ops we can get a nice gross margin for our franchisees to obtain results faster and easier


Benefits and Support

Ongoing Support

Purchasing Co-ops

We our factory direct products production, and our international wide operations, we can get make great deals to benefit all our memebers.

Grand Opening

All our team support for the grand opening to be a success and make it flow easy.

Proprietary Software

With our InstaGreen App, you will get all your digital tools and feautures in one place, make it easy to quote, design and more...

Toll-Free Line

Our toll-free number available nation wide to catch all our leads calls.

Online Support

Support in your daily basis trough our professional back office team available trough our internal comunication system.

Field Operations

Assigned Field Support agents to follow up your operations, give you advise and help you grow your business.

Franchise Intranet Platform

You will be united with all your coleagues franchisees, to share information, doupts, and more...

CRM Software 

Custom made Customer Relationship Management System configuration and automation

Site Selection

Our support for the ideal site selection, so don't over invest and can apply our customizations to make it suiteable for the business,

On-Line Training Platform

Will have our Learning Management System by your side, so you can keep learning and constantly train your team in the lastest best practices.

Marketing Support

Co-op Advertising 

Brand awarness and advertise to promote our products, services and locations.

Marketing Planning & Support

Marketing strategy developed to guide you trough every stage of your growth


Continuos investment in Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

General emai marketing campaings and templates provide to implement with your customer data base.

Ads Templates

Our own design marketing procedures and campaings.

Regional Advertising

Position not only nationwide but also internationally giving us higher customer validation.

Social Media Content

Sharing content not only produt and brand content but featured projects from all our locations.

Website Development

Constantly adapting our website with new features, content and customizations to work by your side.

ChatBot Automatized 24/7 Customer Attention

Automated instant response, with Artificial Inteligence ChatBot technology under continuos training and learning.

The Home Improvement Industry is 


The Home services is a $506 billion-dollar market in the United States. Totaling an estimated $23.3B in home emergency spending, $61.9B in home maintenance spending, and $420.8B in home improvement and renovation spending. Home improvement spending is the largest category of spend, taking over 80% of what Americans spend yearly in the home service market. Maintenance is second, coming in at approximately 12% of what we spend on housing. 
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